Shammai Golan
*The Death of Uri Peled


 Astrolog publishing House 2016. 222pp
 Alona Frankel (Illustrator)
Reuven Ben Yosef (Translator)
  A refugee from Eastern Europe, Uri hoped for a normal life in Israel. But neither his marriage to an Israeli nor his army career make an Israeli of him. After commanding a reserve company in the battle for Jerusalem in 1967, Uri finds work at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, filing testimonies about the life and death of his lost community. He is haunted by eerie and vivid memories of the .
ghetto, jolted by every shift of consciousness

“They deployed in the pine grove. The shells were passing overhead now and exploding far off. He heard the colonel’s voice on the communications set: Green light! Green light! And the assault began. He ordered the demolition team to advance, and once the fence was blasted he made a run for the objective. It seemed the trench would lead him straight to the end of the war. In his mind’s eye he saw its walls cupping his body which shrank from the machine-gun bursts that encompassed him in pillars of smoke and fragments of rock. ‘Forward!’ he cried as if commanding himself, and he swept on and never looked back”


About the Book
Critic Reuven Ben-Yosef wrote: "The author's  great achievement
  lies in arousing our sympathies for this almost dehumanized man who is ultimately seen in a tragic light

“We thought it appropriate to award Shammai Golan this Prize for writing about the war out of personal perspective, and managed to make a personal and private experience to deep public impression.”
– Prize for literary, Ramat Gan

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