Shammai Golan
"Escape for Short Distances" *
8 short stories
Cover: Yaffa Talrach, Drawing: Hanna Lerner

Astrolog publishing House 2017
The central axis in Shammai Golan's book is the man in crisis moment  who wants to understand the meaning of his life - his attempt to rebel and revolt that ends in failure. The story of the veteran kibbutznik, the professor at the university institution, the Holocaust survivor, the aging teacher, the war casualty - a reservist, the new immigrant, the young soldier dying at an observation post and the like, Figures moving in real and hidden planes.
The stories are shaped in a sensitive language that marks a new and interesting aspect of the narrator's writing.

The book "Short-distance escapes" won the Jerusalem Prize for Fine Literature, SY Agnon, for 1976.
The jury: Prof. Joseph Dan, Dr. Nahum Arieli and the poet Manfred Winkler.
It was given on Tuesday, March 10, 1976

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Spanish Translat
 Escapes a corta distancia / Shammai Golán ; traducido del hebreo por Irene Stoliar, Henie G. de Hajdenberg y Neta Goldgrub (México : Costa-Amic Editores, 1985