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Shammai Golan was born in Poland in 1933 - 2017. He spent World War II under Nazi occupation and in Siberia. After the death of his parents, he was placed in an orphanage and immigrated illegally to pre-state Israel in 1947.

Golan studied literature and history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Later, he taught literature, ran the Hebrew Writers` House in Jerusalem, and served as cultural attache in Mexico and Moscow. Shammai Golan was also chairman of the Hebrew Writers` Association.
Golan writes for both adults and youth; he has published four novels, three collections of short stories, two books for youth and a collection of essays. His work has been adapted for radio and produced on stage
Books Published in Hebrew   ♦

The Last Watch (youth), Massada, 1963 [Be-Ashmoret Aharonah]
Guilty (youth), Massada, 1968 [Ashamim]
The Death of Uri Peled (novel), Am Oved, 1971 [Moto Shel Uri Peled]
And If You Must Love (novel), Zmora-Bitan/Kinneret/Dvir, 2008 [Ve-Im Ata Muchrach Leehov]

Short Stories
Escape for Short Distances (stories), Massada, 1975 [Brihot Le-Merhakim Ketzarim]
The Ambush (stories), Tarmil, 1983 [Ha-Maarav]
Canopy (stories), Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1984; 1991 [Hupah]

An Anthology
The Holocaust

My Travels with Books, Astrolog, 2005 [Masotai Im Sfarim]
If You Must Create, Literary Criticism on Shammai Golan prose, Hedim, 2013 

Three and One

A play
The Disappearance
Books in Translation   ♦ 
The Death of Uri Peled
English: Tel aviv, Astrolog Publishing House 2017
Russian: Moscow, Olymp, 1998
Polish: CraCow, Ambrozja, 1998

Escape for Short Distances
English: Tel aviv, Astrolog Publishing House 2016

German: Frankfurt am Main, Alibaba, 1997; in paperback: Munich, Omnibus, 1999

Russian: Moscow, Olymp, 1996

Selected stories
Spanish: Mexico D.F., Costa-Amic, 1985
Russian: Moscow, Olymp, 1999

The Last Watch
Russian: Moscow/Tel-Aviv, Kniga, 2006

Manuscripts available (for publishers only) in English translation
The Death of Uri Peled
Escape for Short Distances
      Awards  ♦
Shammai Golan has been awarded the ACUM  Prize for Children`s Literature 1966
AgnonPrize 1976
Tel Aviv Foundation Award 1982
Prime Minister`s Prize 1992
Cheno Prize Mexico and the Zionist Federation Award 2006
Jewish Writers Award Notable 2010


שמאי גולן

Photo by: Arie Shteren, Ramat HaKovesh, Israel

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